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About Us

MDE Enterprises began in September 2000 when Mike Sisco decided to leave his CIO role to start a company that would help IT managers achieve more success.

The company began as a traditional consulting company but it was my vision to create an IT manager training company that would truly add value in helping IT managers around the world achieve more success.

Achieving more success is not just a lot of words thrown together to sound good. Since starting the company, thousands of IT managers have benefited from free articles and tools developed by MDE.

The vision of becoming an internationally recognized company that helps IT managers
achieve more became a quick reality as we migrated the company from a pure consulting company to more of an Internet content and training company in 2002.

MDE's flagship education program is the 5-day
IT Manager Institute. The program is heralded as one of the most comprehensive, yet practical IT manager development programs in the industry and includes the opportunity of gaining MDE's IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC). This award is an exclusive certification to those who have made a commitment to IT management by attending one of the Institutes to build a solid management foundation. Passing a 5-part ITBMC exam exhibits an understanding of key management concepts discussed in the program.

MDE products and services are sold around the world and help fund the continued development of training programs, books, tools, and services to assist in the most difficult management role in any company - the IT Manager.

Contact us:

MDE Enterprises, Inc.
3300 Stillcorn Ridge Road
Columbia, TN 38401

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