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Earning monthly commissions has never been easier. Simply direct people to the MDE web site using your unique Affiliate web site url and watch your sales and commissions grow.

Completely free to join and absolutely no obligation.

All you do is create awareness about the web site and the rest takes care of itself.

It's even easier than you think. Create awareness by giving some of our products to others. That's right, take a look at www.mde.net/free and see the free gifts I give anyone for subscribing to our free newsletter. Generating commissions is as simple as giving our newsletter, free tools, and our best selling
IT Management-101: fundamentals to achieve more ebook away.  When someone visits our web site, they often buy, , , and when that happens from your referral, you earn a substantial referral commission.

Not only that, our Affiliate Program pays commissions on two levels of the sale. We pay a generous 30% on direct referral sales for most products by an Affiliate and 10% on sales made by an Affiliate who joined the program from your referral.

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click here.

Our IT Manager Series products are very popular and receive excellent feedback from IT managers all over the world. Now is a great time to get started as we have barely scratched the surface in our efforts of reaching IT managers, CIO's, and company executives who have IT responsibility.

We have sold our books and tools since 2002 and we consistently see a direct cause and effect result of  sales to awareness activity.  Generate awareness to those who have IT responsibility and you
will achieve sales of our products.

Lets look at the sample commissions available to you:
                                                                                                          Tier 1                  Tier 2
                        ITEM                                  Sales Price                Commission        Commission
    -  IT Manager "combo" package                 $ 399.00                        $ 119.70                $ 39.90

    -  IT Manager Development Series              $ 279.00                         $  83.70                $ 27.90

    -  Single book                                           $   29.95                         $    8.98               $   2.99

    -  IT Management Models                          $   79.00                         $  23.70               $   7.90

    -  IT Manager Institute Self Study             $    995.00                        $ 298.50             $   95.00

Plenty of commission opportunities !

No web sites to build or maintain. Simply direct people to the MDE web site with your unique url that includes your Affiliate ID and that's it.

No selling. The web sites discuss each of the products in detail and do all the selling for us and have done so for over three years.

referred buyers will continue to generate sales commissions for you when they buy any of our new products. As we release new products or announce special offers, your referred buyers can purchase again and again. Every time they buy, a new commission is generated for you.

2-tier commission program is designed to pay you even more when someone joins the Affiliate Program by hearing about it from you and makes a referral sale. Three or four successful affiliates can generate a nice secondary income for you. All you have to do is cash the check every month.

Sales commissions are paid at the end of each month.

Up to the minute sales and commission stats with our password secured Affiliate web site. Keep track of your affiliate and sub-affiliate sales easily.

Future products and services.  We are developing new products and services so now is the very best time to get started. You will continue to see new books, tools, and training announced as we focus our mission on, "providing practical insight and tools to help IT managers of the world achieve more."

When new products are announced, simply direct them to our MDE web sites with your unique Affiliate web site url link. It couldn't be simpler.

Click here to join now.

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