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IT Due Diligence in M&A's: minimize risk and maximize opportunity

Assessment of IT: the first step in achieving IT success

IT Due Diligence Overview

Increase staff capacity without adding resources

Aligning IT with the business: the other side of the story

Balance the cost of IT with the need for resources

Network security and management service cleans up company's infrastructure

War stories from the front lines of network security (Co-authored with Joe Popinski)

The CIO's first priority is to understand the business

Does your company have an active cost reduction strategy?

Practical tips for aligning IT strategy with business needs

Five keys for getting your IT initiatives funded

How much staff do you need?

Cost saving strategy:  Review your WAN for opportunity

LINUX: Cost Saving Strategy

Technical Awareness Series is flexible, full of good information

Great IT Debate-should your IT Manager be a techie?

Make the most of your career by becoming a proactive manager

Ethics dilemma

Ten traits IT managers look for in a job candidate

Some of the best decisions were when I said 'No'

The management track requires special skills and experience

Why IT managers miss their budget

Outsourcing is no silver bullet

CIOs: Report directly to the CEO to boost your goals and career

Netweaving is a step beyond traditional career networking

Eleven traits that distinguish successful IT managers

Measure results of an acquisition

Acquisition assimilations  -  the systems side

Acquisition assimilations  -  the people side

Systems conversion project template  (DOWNLOAD)

Cost savings tool  (DOWNLOAD)

Equipment Request form  (DOWNLOAD)

Writing the due diligence report  (DOWNLOAD)

Systems downtime tracking tool  (DOWNLOAD)

WAN Circuits Inventory tool  (DOWNLOAD)

Due diligence  -  the onsite visit

Due Diligence Templates (7 in all)  (DOWNLOAD)

Office move checklist   (DOWNLOAD)

Ensure quality on your development projects with this downloadable spreadsheet

Download this log to track and analyze your help desk activities 

Manage IT as a percent of revenue to relate to your CEO  (DOWNLOAD)

Download this template to help you determine your next software purchase   

Download this status report template to help manage client expectations   

Track your Data Center assets with this download  (DOWNLOAD)

Point to specific successes in interviews

Download this programming backlog template to track programming requests

Develop an Intranet to save time, money, and effort

How to "rightsize" your IT organization

Assess staff needs with this spreadsheet  (DOWNLOAD)

Preparing for IT due diligence  (DOWNLOAD)

Preparation, time buffers help eliminate project bottlenecks

Your manager lacks vision, so what's the problem?

The art of technology due diligence

Manage client expectations with a project scope document

Follow these guidelines for new employee orientation  (DOWNLOAD)

Identify IT influences in key cost areas

IT Managers should help develop capital budgets

Effective status meetings lead to successful projects

Follow these steps to conduct an effective project kickoff meeting

Download this budget template  (DOWNLOAD)

A well planned kickoff meeting sets the tone for a successful project

Interview candidates beyond their technical skills

Develop a thorough employee training plan (DOWNLOAD)

How to 'cut' 10 percent now and save staff later

Six steps to publishing your own material               

How to calculate and convey the true cost of downtime

Developing an Internet infrastructure for online sales

Repurpose your knowledge to create a second revenue stream

New IT manager: How to hit the ground running

Prioritize your recommendations to focus clients' efforts

Gauge IT managers with our technology leadership skills/experience matrix

Technology leadership skills/experience matrix  (DOWNLOAD)

How to measure revenue stream in your IT organization

Track team performance to make a case for IT

Prioritize projects with the IT Project Hierarchy

Use these guidelines to measure the performance of IT

Keep your records organized with these charts

Download this IT due diligence report template  (DOWNLOAD)

Reporting an IT assessment's conclusions and recommendations

Technology review is at the core of an IT assessment

IT resolutions can help meet goals                           

Prepare for the reality of business downturns

Reaching external clients during an IT assessment

Take aim at success by staying focused                 

Download this IT business assessment checklist  (DOWNLOAD)

Interview company departments during your IT assessment

Improve your IT department's performance by calculating key equations

Begin clients' IT assessment with a senior management review

Download this spreadsheet for easy project management  (DOWNLOAD)

IT Consultant Journal: Hard work pays off                 

IT Consultant Journal: Market your business with a newsletter

IT Consultant Journal: Writing and networking

IT Consultant Journal: Working contracts and contacts

IT Consultant Journal: Managing multiple tasks

One CIO makes the move to IT consultant                 

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