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$ 249.00

Adobe PDF ebook
and tools

Don't buy this book!
The price is ridiculous!

The price is high because there are significant cost saving opportunities in here.

One strategy used the right way can save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many have done that for me in my IT manager role.

I still wouldn't buy this ebook!

That's right, , , a much better offer is to buy the
COMBO Series
for $399 and get my entire library of 14 books plus the
IT Manager ToolKit.

Money back guarantee
You will like what you receive from MDE or your payment will be refunded. It's that simple.

I've used these strategies to save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars and so can you. Each strategy has potential for thousands of dollars in savings and all it takes is one success to make a real impact in your company that will enhance your career. 

The fifty strategies in this publication address a wide range of areas you can focus on.  They offer every IT Manager, CIO, CFO, or CEO an opportunity to improve the financial performance of the company by targeting efforts on specific areas that can give you tangible savings.

One last tip. The best way to prevent being asked to reduce your expenses is to have a proactive cost savings strategy in place. Managers who are proactive in helping senior management contain the expenses of the company are in the best position to be viewed as partners and appreciated for efforts that work to improve the company's bottom line.

The strategies included in Technology Cost Saving Strategies go well beyond the IT organization because IT is the organization that can provide true leverage throughout the company. The information in this publication will help you and your company take advantage of the IT organization's ability to reduce expenses throughout the company.

Best of success in your management efforts. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or if I can be of assistance.

Mike Sisco
President, MDE Enterprises, Inc.

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