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Building a Successful IT Organization

Introduction:  The best lesson any manager can learn is that it's more important to the company in what the IT organization can accomplish as opposed to what the manager can accomplish. A heavy emphasis on 'team' and 'teamwork' make this publication essential in developing leadership skills that help you build an appropriate organization to meet the needs of the company.

Table of Contents
I.     Assess Your Organizational Needs
II.    Quantify What You Have
            A.  Quality
            B.  Quantity
            C.  Processes
III.   Do We Understand 'Client Service' ?
IV.   Identify Gaps and Prioritize New Hires
V.    Funding New Staff and Managing Expectations
VI.   Recruiting and Interviewing
            A.  Job Descriptions
            B.   Interview
            C.  Offer Letter
VII.  Starting Out Right
            A.  Orientation
            B.  Benefits
            C.  Equipment
VIII. Performance Plan
IX.    Communication is
X.     Motivating and Rewarding
XI.    Involve Each Resource
XII.   Weed and Feed  -  Step Up to Your Problems
XIII.  Reinforce Focus
            A.  Organization
            B.  Individual
XIV.  Report Cards and Measurement Tools

A.  Sample Organization Chart - Functional Requirements
B.  Sample Organization Chart - Infrastructure   
C.  Sample Organization Chart - Special Projects   
D.  Sample Organization Chart - Business Applications 
E.  Sample Organization Chart - Acquisitions & Assimilations
F.  Current Employee Skills Matrix     
G.  Blank Skills Matrix Template     
H.  Technology Resource Interview Guide   
I.   Sample Offer Letter     
J.  Sample New Employee Orientation Guide   
K.  Job Description Template     
L.  Performance Plan Template     
M.  IT Support - Key Indicators Trend Report


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