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IT Project Management

Introduction:  Managing projects effectively is crucial for any technical manager. Establishing a reputation that you deliver projects on time and within budget with minimal problems will position you for many more responsibilities in your company.

This publication provides a "short cut" to effective project management techniques that I learned at IBM and other companies that have helped me for over 30 years. Tools are included to simplify the entire process.

Table of Contents
I.    What's the Big Deal About Project Management ?
II.   Establish the Project Goal
III.  Define the Project Deliverables
IV.  Quantify Resource Needs
            A.  Staff
            B.  Budgetary resources
            C.  Other
V.  Develop a Return on Investment
VI. Develop the Plan
            A.  Major Project Sections
            B.  Tasks
            C.  Responsibilities
            D.  Prerequisites
            E.  Critical Bottlenecks
            F.  Timeframes
VII.  Document the Plan
VIII. Establish Sign-off and Approval Requirements
IX.    Project Status Meetings
X.     Execute the Plan

A.   Project Plan  -  Blank Template
B.   Sample Project Plan  -  Technology Assimilation
C.   Project Kickoff Meeting  -  Blank Template
D.   Project Status Meeting  -  Blank Template


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