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IT Staff Motivation and Development

Introduction:  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."  Create an enthusiastic team that has everyone focused on the same target and 'watch out'. It is powerful and something that you will remember forever.

This publication goes to the heart of empowering technical resources so they  feel good about what they do. Nothing feels more rewarding than when your company and client tells your team that they are doing an excellent job.

Table of Contents
I.     Have You assessed Your Staff ?
II.    What Motivates Them ?
            A.  Individually
            B.  Teams or sub-units
III.   Setting Goals and Objectives  -  The Vision
            A.  IT Organization
            B.  IT Departments
            C.  IT Teams
            D.  IT Staff
IV.   Quantifying Projects  -  The Road Map
V.     Identifying Individual Focus
VI.   Tap Into the Leaders of Your Organization
VII.  Take Advantage of Strengths and Develop Strength and Depth
VIII. Empowerment is
KEY !!
IX.    Always Reinforce TEAM
X.      Share Victories and Defeats
XI.    Appreciate Their Work
XII.   Have Fun
XIII.  Reward Desired Behavior
XIV.  Reward Accomplishments
XV.   Communication is a Two-Way Street
XVI.  Always Have an Open Door
XVII. Motivating in a "Down Economy"

A.  Employee Skills and Experience Matrix
B.  Education and Training Needs


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