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IT Assessments and Strategic Planning 

The key to managing any IT environment successfully is to have an accurate assessment of what you have. Part of a thorough assessment should include quantifying what your company and "customer" needs are.

Once you know these two things, developing an appropriate IT strategy for the company is fairly straightforward.

MDE takes a structured approach based on our proprietary IT Due Diligence and Assimilation process. With over 40 acquisitions, MDE has significant experience in sizing up technology situations and developing plans to add value to companies of all sizes.

An assessment project's scope will vary depending upon your needs and how your company is organized. Typical assessments for small and mid-size companies take 80 - 200 hours of consulting time.

MDE offers three options in performing an IT assessment and strategic planning session:
        1.  MDE will conduct the entire project.
        2.  MDE will work with your IT managers to conduct the project.
        3.  MDE will teach your managers how to do the project and will
             mentor them as needed to support their efforts.

A comprehensive assessment will include:
    -  Assessment request list
    -  Onsite visit preparatory call
    -  Onsite discovery
          >  Executive interviews
          >  Department manager interviews
          >  External client interviews (if applicable)
          >  IT staff interviews
          >  Physical review of technology resources
          >  Review of IT processes and standards
          >  Review of IT contracts, budgets, and financial operations
    -  Business analysis
          >  Definition of company goals and objectives
          >  Definition of Client (internal & external) needs
          >  Quantification of IT issues
          >  Assessment of IT services capacity and quality
          >  Issues prioritization
    -  IT Assessment  Report
          >  State of technology statement
          >  Key issues
          >  Risks
          >  Opportunities
          >  Tactical IT Plan (next 90 days)
          >  Strategic IT Plan (12-18 months)
          >  Key recommendations

Contact us to discuss your IT assessment and strategic planning needs and to receive an estimated project proposal.

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