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One of the biggest challenges so many young IT managers have is that there isn't anyone around who can help them develop their skills. Typically, an excellent technical resource is given a supervisory or management role because he or she is very good at what they do.

The problem is that managing technology resources (people, processes, systems, and projects) is a much different discipline. In fact, it's almost a 180 degree shift. Suddenly, instead of being able to solve the problem or take care of an issue yourself, you now have to get the work done through other people.

I can tell you from personal experience that making the transition is easier said than done. It is a very difficult change and too many people with excellent potential fall by the wayside.

Managing IT resources effectively is a complex challenge, but with the right insight and know-how it is like doing anything else. Unfortunately, most never get the insight to make the job easier with the positive results they should be achieving.

MDE offers a monthly IT Manager Mentoring and Coaching Program to help your IT manager or young CIO develop their skills quickly. We offer six mentoring "slots" at any given time at a cost of $1,000.00 per month plus any expenses that might be incurred. There is no minimum monthly requirement and you may discontinue the program at any point without penalty.

The program is structured to provide your manager a sounding board and accessible senior level advisor to help him or her do several things:

        1.  Improve targeted management skills identified in an initial
             skills assessment.
        2.  Provide management guidance to help the manager focus   
             on  key issues that make a real difference for your company.
        3.  Be accessible for questions and discussions as needed.
        4.  Coach the manager in areas observed where additional
             insight and understanding is needed.
        5.  Provide insight and recommendations to the company's
             senior management team to help grow your IT manager.

The no minimum fee to start a mentoring program for your IT manager and the quick and easy discontinuance policy is to insure that you continually feel you are receiving value for your money.

MDE has one objective - to make a difference and to help IT managers all over the world achieve more success. When the manager succeeds, it has very positive results throughout your company.

MDE creates both a flexible as needed help environment plus a more formal development program to help each participant develop key IT manager skills. We use state of the art technology to host virtual meetings as needed to discuss issues, strategize, and to teach key concepts.

Our web conferencing capabilities provide interactive meeting capability with no cost to you; all you need is an Internet connection with speakers on your PC. Web conferencing capabilities feature white board, Powerpoint presentation, desktop control for both of us, Internet web browsing and tours, etc. It is excellent technology that enhances the coaching and mentoring experience.

Contact Us:

MDE Enterprises, Inc.
3300 Stillcorn Ridge Road
Columbia, TN 38401

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