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The IT Business Manager certification (ITBMC) was developed in a joint venture between Belmont University and MDE Enterprises, Inc. The purpose of the certification is to place an emphasis on the importance of an IT organization in delivering business value and becoming a business partner within the company.

Recipients of the ITBMC are recognized as having the knowledge and tools to focus on managing IT to support the business needs and issues of their client and capable of delivering tangible and quantifiable business value for their companies.

Belmont University validated the educational value of the program. Mike Sisco, CEO of MDE Enterprises, Inc., provided the guidance and oversight to insure sound operational management processes and tools were used that actually help an IT manager succeed in the real world.

The program foundation comes from Sisco's IT manager and CIO experience of more than twenty years and is structured around a practical IT Management Process developed by Sisco.  This highly functional operational process works for all levels of IT management.

Since announcing the ITBMC certification in 2005, hundreds of IT managers in virtually all parts of the world have achieved their ITBMC status by attending the IT Manager Institute class or completing the Self Study and passing a multi-part ITBMC exam.

Certifications do not guarantee you will actually perform. Performance is based upon what you do and how you go about it and aided by having the tools and processes that help you succeed. The emphasis of the IT Manager Institute program has always been to provide you with:
                ●   What to do to achieve IT success
                ●   How to go about it
                ●   Examples and tools to help you make it happen

The IT Manager Institute program has a
100% positive satisfaction record for one simple reason. The processes and tools you receive in the program work.