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"Every IT Manager should have a copy of IT Management-101."

That's the thought I kept having while developing the ten books in my
IT Manager Development Series. The most popular selling book in the series is IT Management-101. It creates the foundation for the other nine titles and discusses eleven key traits that are required to be successful IT managers.

Even though thousands of copies have been sold in a few short months, I decided to create a way for every IT Manager, CIO, or hopeful manager to have a copy. It will be a resource that benefits you for years to come.

And best of all, it is free !!

It took me a year to write the ten books in the IT Manager Development Series and another two months to package my IT Manager ToolKit. The work includes practical insight from more than 20 years of managing technology resources.

The free
IT Management-101 ebook is provided in Adobe PDF format that allows you to print any part of the book to use for years to come. It is full of CIO insight on what you need to do to be successful, how to go about it, with examples and tools to help you achieve greater success in managing technology resources.

IT Management-101 is also available for purchase in paperback from my web site or from

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Covers a topic about which few books exist - excellent! August 11, 2002
Reviewer: Mike Tarrani from West Warwick, RI USA


"  your material is phenomenal! I think I'll be reading for the next two months"
John Hong; Toronto, Ontario

"Your works are never out of my reach and have helped immeasurably in many situations. I am not aware of any other resource, academic or otherwise, which relates so definitively to the IT management role."
Glenn Martin; Victoria, Australia

Every aspiring IT manager will, without exception, benefit from your work."
Bryn Thomas; Philadelphia, PA

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This book is one of a series of books that Mr. Sisco publishes under the title "IT Manager Development Series" and the associated set of tools called "IT Manager Toolkit". This book, however, is the only one in the series that is available in paper format (the rest of the books in the series are in PDF format, and the toolkit artifacts are in Excel and Word formats).

The entire series is designed to provide IT managers of all levels of experience and scope of responsibility a consistent approach to managing IT based on the author's extensive background and experience. This book in particular is the foundation of the entire series and gives the new IT manager a compass for professional performance and career growth.

Each of the topic areas is a building block for IT managers, and combined, this book shows how to lead and manage using team building and delivering business support as the focal points. Each chapter contains insets that impart advice from the author's personal experience, which reinforces each topic, and also has checklists, questionnaires and illustrations that make the book readable and useful. What I like is you can immediately begin using the information in each chapter, which allows you to systematically improve your workgroup in small, easy-to-implement doses. More importantly, if you follow this book's advice you'll also start employing refined leadership skills in addition to effective management.

I hope the rest of the books in the "IT Manager Development Series" will become available in paper versions, and I also hope that applicable parts of the associated "IT Manager Toolkit" get included with them on a CD ROM. Until then, this book will get the new manager started, and will also give seasoned IT managers ideas and invaluable checklists. When/if the other books in the series become available I recommend adding them to your library because they use this book as the core and foundation to provide a coherent view of IT management across any enterprise.

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Mike Sisco
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