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Same material and deliverable as the classroom version in a "learn at your own pace" format

most comprehensive and practical program to improve your IT manager skills in the industry

ONLINE training program and
ITBMC certification

Boost your career by attaining your IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC) and  implementing proven processes and tools that will help you achieve more success.

IT Manager Institute™ and IT Business Manager Certification program is now available to anyone in the world, , , and at an extremely cost effective price.

Thousands of IT managers of all levels from around the world are using the IT Manager Institute processes and tools to manage their IT organizations more effectively.

The self study program is exactly the same program taught in select cities around the world, , , from Anchorage to Atlanta, , , in Ljubljana and Johannesburg, , , as well as Lagos and Dubai.

We have a 100% positive satisfaction record for one simple reason;
our processes and tools work in the real world !

Past students of the IT Manager Institute tell it best:

"This was the most informative class and useful course I've ever taken."
Wes Stover -  Indianapolis, IN

"Best I have been to, this class has answered many of the questions I was struggling with.  The class was a great value, I should be able to recoup the cost with productivity alone and exactly what I needed to help me get my career moving in the right direction."
Luke Marino - Austin, TX

"IT Manager Institute training was our best investment in IT. Before attending the IT Manager Institute I was a very technically oriented IT manager. This training helped me see IT management role from a business perspective. It helps me achieve much more success, personal satisfaction and more compensation for excellent results. We've also shrunk our operational IT costs by 15%."
Tone Kavcic - Ljubljana, Slovenia

The program is a comprehensive operational IT management class with exercises, tools and exam to determine your comprehension. The ITBMC certification was developed in a joint venture with Belmont University in 2005 to emphasize the importance for IT organizations to focus on the business needs and issues of a company.

In the class you will learn exactly what "business value" means to senior management, , , and then how identify and go get it so you can achieve more success for your company.

When you do, your team and you as a manager become more valuable to your company.

A key objective is for every student to begin achieving more success, , , immediately after attending the class or working through the self study program. Our students give us positive feedback all the time that this training is unique and hits the mark in helping them do just that.

The processes and tools discussed in the program are proven and were developed during my 20-plus years of experience in managing technology resources as an IT manager and CIO. They worked for me and they will work for you, and they are simple and practical to use.

"Your team and you as a manager become
more valuable to your company"

Are you aware there is a
"triple threat" to IT success? That's right, three key reasons cause an IT organizations to fail, , , but most IT managers aren't aware of them. It's very likely your IT organization suffers from one or all of these three threats to your success right now.

Are the
triple threats to IT success
preventing your success?

Learn what they are and
take charge of your career!

Hundreds of IT managers, CIO's and hopeful IT managers all have positive comments about the program. In fact, we are proud to say that we have a 100% positive feedback track record in presenting the IT Manager Institute program in many countries around the world.

Many who attend the program say they wish they had this material at the beginning of their careers, , , you know, so do I, , , it would have been invaluable to me and prevented lots of pain and struggles in learning how to manage properly, productively, and effectively.

You can benefit from the years I spent learning how to manage effectively, , , some of it from making mistakes, , , but mistakes worth their weight in gold in developing management skills and insights that worked later on. Some of the best lessons are from your mistakes.

Create a significant shortcut in your learning process, and reduce the pain you, your organization, and your company will go through by attending the IT Manager Institute.

The program was built with longevity in mind. This material would have been valuable 20 years ago and will be valuable 20-30 years from now. Technology changes but the key management principles that help you succeed remain the same.

"Going through this training earlier in my career would have been invaluable."
Bill Moore -  Louisville, KY

", , , the most content rich class I have attended in my career."
Sandy Hughes - Knoxville, TN

"Right on the money for what I needed and well worth the time and expense. I now feel I have the tools to be effective. My only regret is not having this training earlier in my career."
Bill Smith - Ontario, Canada

33rd IT Manager Institute
Atlanta, GA
March 2009

The program contains management processes, tools, insights, and experiences from over 20 years of managing IT organizations and observing hundreds of IT organizations and managers.

It is by far the most comprehensive set of materials designed specifically to help improve IT management skills and focuses on
managing the business of IT versus the technology. There are technology classes galore, , , you won't get any of it here. We focus solely on managing the technology resources in a way that creates credibility and allows you to provide business value for your company, , , in other words, to actually achieve more success.

The class gets very specific - we define exactly
what business value is and why it is important for your success. We also spell out what creates credibility for you and your organization and how to achieve it. You will be able to apply the concepts and use the tools discussed in each session immediately.

Simple processes, practical tools used in the real world, and insights that you will immediately relate to. You have probably experienced some of what you are going to experience in the self study but may not have understood or appreciated why it was so difficult, , , or why it failed.

Invest in the program and you will discover what so many before you have discovered - there are
logical reasons why most IT managers fail and why only a few are successful.

Self study overview and contents

15 e-Learning modules
      1  -  IT Manager Foundation
      2  -  IT Assessment
      3  -  IT Strategy
      4  -  IT Project Management
      5  -  IT Organization
      6  -  IT Staff Motivation and Development
      7  -  IT Processes
      8  -  IT Policies and Procedures
      9  -  IT Business Planning (the financial side)
    10  -  Technology Cost Saving Strategies
    11  -  IT Asset Management
    12  -  IT Measurements
    13  -  Communication
    14  -  Become a Business Partner
    15  -  More Tips to IT Success

Course materials
    IT Manager Slides Notebook
    Tools Handouts (the "green" book)
    30-Day Action Plan - get started immediately
    Getting Started Guide

    Introduction session that explains the program

ITBMC (IT Business Manager Certification) exam
    Purchase includes 2 free ITBMC exam attempts. If 
    passed, registered individual will receive signed
    and numbered ITBMC certificate.

BONUS items on the IT Manager Institute "CD"
Not really a CD but even better - a downloadable zip file that contains over $1,000 of additional resources designed to improve your IT management skills and that add supportive reference material to the self study program.

Practical IT Manager Series e-books - my entire library
    IT Management-101: fundamentals to
achieve more
    Building a Strategic IT Plan
    Building a Successful IT Organization
    IT Project Management: a
practical approach
    IT Asset Management
    Developing an IT Business Plan
    IT Staff Motivation and Development
    Acquisition: IT Due Diligence
    Acquisition: IT Assimilation
    What To Look For in a CIO
Practical IT Policies and Procedures
    Technology Cost Saving Strategies
    IT Management Models
Mike Sisco's IT Manager Articles Collection

IT Manager ToolKit  -  102 tools in all

20 Minute IT Manager samples  -  5 of the 162 available
    Fast Start for a New IT Manager
    IT Management Process
    Maintain an IT Initiatives Portfolio
    Risk Management Overview
    Understanding IT Employee Work Behavior

Executive reports and more
    Assessment of IT
    Can IT Make a Difference in Mergers?
    The IT-Business Disconnect
    IT Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions
    50 Questions

21st IT Manager Institute
Ljubljana, Slovenia
December 2006

12th IT Manager Institute
Regina, Saskatchewan - Canada
September 2005

43rd IT Manager Institute
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
December 2010

A logical approach
We approach the training (both the classroom version and this self study version) in a simple and direct manner. There is no theory, everything is real and I have used every process and tool that's discussed to manage IT organizations.

Our approach is straightforward in that we cover:
What you need to do to be an effective IT manager
How to go about it
    C.  Tools and examples to help you implement each part immediately

It's important to follow a logical path, , , otherwise it can be confusing and unorganized. That wouldn't help you at all, so what we do is follow the approach I would take if I were to walk into your company tomorrow as the new CIO.

Our proprietary
IT Management Process™ is used to give the program structure and a logical flow, , , just how you would want to go about managing any new IT organization you gain responsibility for, , , and it works for any level of responsibility, , , even for non-IT managers.

Little known secrets are unveiled and tips provided that will make your job easier
Let's face it, IT managers have the toughest management role in your company. And all too often, we take on the IT manager position with little or no preparation. If this were not bad enough, there is usually no one around who can help develop your IT management skills.

You are left to learn as best as you can. That's why the vast majority of IT managers and CIO's struggle and far too many fail in their management role.

There are things going on around you that you simply won't be aware of, , , and many of these issues are things that can destroy your success, , , and possibly damage your career.

One such issue is that
your own personality can tend to defeat you in many areas where you need to excel as a manager. There are very clear reasons as to why certain aspects of the IT manager role are difficult for us. Learn what they are and use the methods we teach to overcome them and success is much more within your reach. It will be a real eye-opener.

There are natural resistances to your success around every corner of your company. Fail to understand where these
"land mines" are and failure is virtually guaranteed.

Tips to help you and your IT organization become much more productive are provided throughout the 15 sessions. Tools, insights, and just common sense can make your job easier and much more rewarding as you build an organization that gains credibility by delivering business value for your business.

Senior management will begin to see you in a whole new light than how they may see you today, , , all because of a few basic things you will do differently upon completing the IT Manager Institute program. It's the path to becoming a valued partner in your company.

"Mike Sisco is an instructor who genuinely cares about developing great IT managers."
Judy Campbell - Austin, TX

"The IT Manager Institute and tools handed out are prerequisites to any aspiring IT manager in the world."
Kenneth Wakati - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

"This is exactly what I needed to show me how to be successful as an IT Director. Now that I've been shown, I am confident I can be successful. The light bulb went on many times this week."
Susan Kraus - The Woodlands, TX

6th IT Manager Institute
Belmont University - Nashville, TN
June 2005

"The presentation of the content was simple, practical and uncomplicated - easy to follow and understand."
Herbert Ruth - Johannesburg, South Africa

"I am already using principles and concepts learned in the institute before I even get home.  I feel 100% more prepared for what I will face on Monday when I get to my office.  I attended an MIT Sloan School of Management workshop on Developing an IT Strategy that was not nearly as valuable to me as this week has been."
Dan Ussery - La Crescenta, CA

26th IT Manager Institute
Johannesburg, South Africa
November 2007

The IT Manager Institute Self Study is the next best thing to being in the classroom with me and offers many advantages when you consider:
        -  low cost - the most cost effective IT manager program in the industry   
        -  no travel or travel expenses
        -  no time required to be away from your office
        -  flexible study program (go as fast as you like or take your time - you decide)
        -  fastest means of obtaining your ITBMC status

Here are the comparison numbers:

Why such an incredible price?
It's quite simple, , ,  our company mission is to, "help IT managers of the world achieve more success". To do this, we are making the program affordable and accessible to every IT manager in the world who wants to invest in his or her management skills and achieve more success for their company.

To do this, we have removed any price barrier that may have existed for some as well as the requirement to travel to attend the class. Another obstacle removed is the time away from your office. In the self study, you can work fast or take your time as you like - it's all your decision.

The content provided in the 15 e-Learning self study sessions, the class materials, plus the Institute "CD" are the same presentations and materials I give to students who attend the IT Manager Institute classroom program, , , same material, , , exactly the same tools and exercises, , , even the same experiences and examples.

Order now to gain your
IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC)

At $995.00, this is an incredible offer compared to over $4,500.00 you will pay to attend one of our classes. Plus, you can work through the program from your office or even your living room, , , all you need is an Internet connection.

Unprecedented value of IT manager tools and processes in the industry
Let's review the cost of what you would pay for just the BONUS items if you were to purchase them separately:

Spread the word  -  direct your colleagues to
Please feel free to tell your colleagues and other  IT managers or company executives about this fantastic offer. We have spent many months packaging over 20 years of IT management experience and our successful IT Manager Institute program into a product that anyone can afford. We are helping thousands of IT managers in all parts of the world who affirm the practical and simple processes we teach really do work for them.

"Lots of "gold nuggets" that I can put to use immediately.  Too often, IT Management Materials seem based on theory rather than practice.  The Institute is the opposite - nothing but tried - and true strategies from someone who has spent years in the trenches.  That kind of experience is invaluable."
William Polymenakos - Dundee, IL

"Excellent material.  The Institute program is a must for all CIO and technology managers.  I just can't wait to go and start implementing all I have learned here."
Okoh Chukwuka - Lagos, Nigeria

1st IT Manager Institute Nashville, TN
June 2003

"Precise and to the point.  Helped me change a lot of perceptions I had about IT managers."
Seretsi Bagopi - Gabarone, Botswana

We have come a long way since our first class as you can see in the class pictures shown above.

"This should be a required course.  My company got more than they bargained for."
Rod Payton - Bethesda, MD


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IT Manager Institute
Self Study
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Step 1  An email message will be sent to you within 24 hours to confirm your order. Included in
             this first email message are:
        A.  Download link to retrieve the IT Manager Institute "CD" (See note below)
        B.  List of contents included in the "CD"
        C.  Instructions of the setup for access to the self study sessions to take place and
              the process you should take to get started once you receive login details (Step 3)

Note: this is a downloadable zip file, not an actual CD

Step 2  Our staff will set you up to access the Self Study sessions on our secure training server.

Step 3  A second email message will be sent to you automatically once we add you as a new
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Step 4  Login to your account and begin with the Introduction session.

ITBMC Exam information 
You will have two opportunities to pass the ITBMC exam as you work through the self study.
        1.  Six short topic exams available at different parts of the self study (20 questions each)
        2.  The overall "master" exam at the end (120 questions pulled from all six parts)

Pass all six short topic exams and you won't need to take the "master" exam at the end, but in case you fail to pass one of the topic exams, you still have the opportunity to pass the "master" exam at the end of the program and receive your ITBMC certificate with a "first try" attempt. We love to see our students pass the exam on their first attempt and about 70% do.

Upon completing any of the exams (whether it is one of the topic exams or the overall "master" exam), it will be graded automatically and you will see the results as well as have the option to review your exam to see which questions were missed.

If you pass:  If you pass all six topic exams or the "master" exam, select the option to send our office an email message to let us know. We will follow-up by confirming your exam status and ship-to address so we can send you a numbered ITBMC certificate.

If you fail:  Failure to pass all six of the short topic exams requires you to pass the "master" exam in order to obtain your ITBMC. If you also fail the "master" exam, send our office an email message to let us know. Instructions will be provided to retake only the short exam topics that were failed. Retakes are available for $50.00 per attempt. Each exam will be unique as random questions are pulled from separate topic groups of questions.

Feel free to contact our office if you have additional questions.

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