IT Manager Institute Self Study
Installment payment plan

Do you need to break the registration fee into multiple payments?
Many have asked us to offer a multiple payment plan for the IT Manager Institute Self Study so we have responded to make access easy and affordable.

How it works:
Order one of the 4 installment packages below. When you complete that group of training sessions, you may order the next group of your choice. You control the pace at which you work through the IT Manager Institute Self Study program. Go as fast as you like or take your time.

We recommend you start with Group-1, but it's up to you.

If you want the BONUS items, you must complete payment for all four installments.

If you want an IT Business Manager Certification (ITBMC); you must complete the entire program and pass the ITBMC exam.

Group 1    -    $275.00
#1  -  IT Manager Foundation
#2  -  IT Assessment
#3  -  IT Strategy
#4  -  IT Project Management

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Group 2    -    $275.00
#5  -  IT Organization
#6  -  IT Staff Motivation and Development
#7  -  IT Processes
#8  -  IT Policies and Procedures

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Group 3    -    $275.00
#9    -  IT Business Planning
#10  -  IT Asset Management
#11  -  Technology Cost Saving Strategies
#12  -  IT Measurements

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Group 4    -    $275.00
#13  -  Communication
#14  -  Become a Business Partner
#15  -  More Tips to IT Success

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