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MDE Consulting Services are designed to make a difference and to provide real value to your organization. We only do a few specialized services and we do them well. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

For information on any of MDE's consulting services, contact Mike Sisco at or 931-490-6932. We will be happy to discuss your need and propose an appropriate solution that is cost effective and produces results or tell you it's outside of our focus.

IT Assessments and Strategic Planning  -  A proprietary assessment and planning process is used that defines the needs of the company and issues that exist. Planning takes place to define appropriate IT strategies (both short term and long term) and their priorities that support the company's goals and objectives the most.Learn more

IT Management Assessment and Development  -  Developing an IT management team that is focused and capable of delivering predictable, cost effective results for your company is essential.  MDE has considerable experience and tools to help IT managers improve their management skills quickly in order to achieve more success for themselves and for their company.
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IT Manager Mentoring and Coaching  -  MDE provides personal coaching and mentoring services for a limited number of clients. This personal coaching program is like "having a CIO in your pocket" and the program takes on elements that are initiated by both the client and MDE to enhance specific skills to help you achieve more success.  Learn more

Company CIO Advisor Program  -  Do you need a senior IT executive to learn your business and sit on your Board of Directors to help guide your company? Do you need a stronger strategic perspective to collaborate and to strategize with to help your company take advantage of what technology can do for you?

If so, you may be in need of our CIO Advisor Program. This program is limited to approved companies and includes Mike Sisco's personal involvement in your company on a fixed monthly retainer fee based upon the level of need you have.   
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IT Due Diligence and Assimilation Planning  -  With over 40 company acquisitions under his belt, Mike Sisco developed a proprietary IT due diligence and assimilation process with all the tools you need to conduct a thorough technology assessment of any company. The process emphasizes the discovery of issues that have risk, opportunity, or cost exposure to the business post-merger.
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MDE's approach is to help you become self sufficient. We have no desire to stay permanently involved with your company unless you want or need our involvement. For example, in an IT Assessment and Strategic Planning engagement, we can approach the project in three ways:
              1.  MDE does the entire project.
              2.  MDE works with your staff to complete the project.
              3.  MDE trains and mentors your staff to do the project.

We consider our training programs to be an asset that typical consulting companies do not have. MDE's approach is always to help you be more self sufficient and to develop your IT managers to help your company achieve more success.

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