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March 2007 
             Dealing with a difficult client

February 2007          Keep a journal

January 2007            Have you told your employees you appreciate them today?


December 2006        Be a "Giver", not a "Taker"   

October 2006            Lower paid employees can help or hurt your IT organization

August 2006             Bottlenecks

May 2006                   Why are some managers promoted and others not?

April 2006                  Measure the cost of downtime

March 2006               Take aim at  success by staying focused

February 2006           Put some "punch" into your resume

January 2006            Are you "Kicking Off" the New Year?

November 2005
        Career crossroad

October 2005            Put yourself in your CEO's shoes

September 2005       Two bits of wisdom that helped boost my career

August 2005              Stretch your people: they will reward you for it

July 2005                   IT employee work behavior - we can't help who we are

June 2005                  Questions from the field

May 2005                   Ten Keys to improve client service

April 2005                   Cost justifying infrastructure projects

January #2-2005        Be a "giver", not a "taker"

January #1-2005        Motivate your staff with a 2005 Kickoff Meeting

December #2-2004     
Happy Holidays from MDE: find time to reflect

December #1-2004     Work smarter, not harder

November #2-2004     Model #63 - Escalation

November #1-2004     Verify the facts before acting

October 2004               Do I use my own management tools ?

September #2-2004    Creating management credibility in today's environment

September #1-2004    Develop a cooperative spirit in your company

August #2-2004          The Great IT Debate: should an IT manager be technical
                                                or not?

August #1-2004          Take time to stop and smell the roses along the way

July #3-2004                The transition from technology resource to IT manager:
                                              a difficult journey
July #2-2004                Two questions from the field:
                                               1. Do you have a process for terminating an employee?
                                               2. What do you do when you are assigned a project in mid-year
                                                       that exceeds your budget?
July #1-2004                Make budgeting a breeze by preparing now

June #3-2004               Bite the head of a frog

June #2-2004               2 + 2 = 5

June #1-2004               What is an ROI and what's the big deal?

May #2-2004                Simple process for developing IT policies and procedures

May #1-2004                Cost saving needs are a fact of life

April #2-2004               Motivate your staff for peak performance

April #1-2004                IT Manager's communication circle

March #3-2004             Two great IT manager resources

March #2-2004             Ten reasons software installation projects fail

March #1-2004             Invest in your IT Manager to achieve more

February #2-2004        Start an IT Initiatives Portfolio

February #1-2004        15 Tips before venturing into a consulting role

January #3-2004          Having problems getting your IT initiatives funded ?

January #2-2004          Managing IT expense as a percentage of revenue

January #1-2004          It's time to take inventory

December 2003           
New Year Resolutions  plus more

November 2003           Client service is a process, not an event plus more

September 2003          Find your replacement - a top priority plus more

August 2003                 Beware the "transparent" IT manager plus more

July 2003                      You set the "attitude tone" for your IT staff plus more

May 2003
  Practical IT Manager Tips
    -  Managers earn respect; it doesn't come with title
  IT Management Models
    -  Invest in yourself
  Letters from the Field
    -  "How do you pay the salaries required to keep your
        best people?"
  "War Story" Lessons
    -  The "value" of delegating
  IT TidBits
    -  Internet consumer statistics
  Product & Services Review
    -  Canon PowerShot G3 Digital Camera
  MDE News
    -  TAS class - a great investment
    -  IT Manager Development Institute Update

April 2003
  Practical IT Manager Tips
    -  When cutting IT expenses, be careful not to cut 

  IT Management Models
    -  Fail to Plan : Plan to Fail
  Letters from the Field
"Is age discrimination an issue for IT Managers and
        Project Managers?"

  "War Story" Lessons
    -  Is it a bad employee or something else?
  IT TidBits
    -  Printing the newsletter
  Product & Services Review
    -  ACTS Survey Services and Technical Awareness 
       Series conference for IT Managers

  MDE News
    -  IT Manager Development Institute scheduled 6/23-27
    -  Belmont University class - 6/5
    -  Managing an IT Due Diligence Project - 7/10-11

March 2003
  Practical IT Manager Tips
    -  Education is key, even for the IT Manager
  IT Management Models
    -  Lines of fire
  Letters from the Field
    -  "We have a new CIO who wants cost justification for
        all existing projects. What is this about?"

  "War Story" Lessons
Raised floor effect
  IT TidBits
    -  US Online Spending forecast
  Product & Services Review
    -  AT&T 2462 2-line cordless, expandable phone

  MDE News
    -  IT Manager Development Institute dates set
    -  Belmont University endorses MDE's IT Manager

February 2003
Practical IT Manager Tips   
If it isn't broken, don't fix it
  IT Management Models       
    -  Drain the swamp
Letters from the Field           
How do we overcome a poor IT reputation?
  "War Story" Lessons           
    -  Where are your backup diskettes?
  IT TidBits                               
    -  Practical Tips Newsletter subscriber statistics
  Product & Services Review 
    -  MSS  -  IT Manager Support System
  MDE News                             
    -  Pre-release offer of new books
    -  New training class coming

January 2003
  Practical IT Manager Tips   
    -  Staff meetings are worth the time
  IT Management Models       
    -  Play your position
  Letters from the Field           
    -  How do you organize yourself?
  "War Story" Lessons           
    -  Two diskettes are too many!
  IT TidBits                               
    -  Why is IT misunderstood?
  Product & Services Review 
    -  TenStep Project Management Process
  MDE News                             
    -  New focus for newsletter
    -  MDE relocates to Tennessee
    -  Article featured in HP's
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